poems and stories have been contributed by:

terry wheeler (keystone species, strange behaviors, unfortunate names, journey into the unknown, butterfly wings, the agony of choice, habits of phorid flies, backlogs of discovery, tree huggers, snow day, tom eisner’s day, fall colours, the insect collection, recipe for earth, snow fleas, cluster flies, fractal payback, the history of silverfish, territory, emergence, holometabolous, spring cleaning, red admirals, lily leaf beetle, leaf miner, mating swarm, mayflies, distraction, exuvia, arctic diversity, death glow, june beetle, diagnostic characters, worlds in a acorn, walking is hard, aka webspinner, the rock crawler’s lament, the antlion in winter, kafertannenbaum, 3linesabout8legs: a spidery digression, sun spider in the night, desert pollination, whirligigs in autumn, sympetrum, the life of a chewing louse, predators of spring)

chris borkent (sleeping chironomid)

chris buddle (mayflies 2, mayflies 3)

peter desmet (ocelli)

neal evenhuis (phorid identity crisis, he can’t wear long pants, flies that cannot swim, the entomophthora blues, genetic plaything, apology to a fly)

paul manning (periodical living)

julia mlynarek (camouflage, flightiness, weevils, cicada, firefly at night, winter’s end, the threat of a bombardier beetle, recipe for science, spring spring springtails)

anna solecki (metamorphosis, firefly, a simple question, a sisyphean task, frustration, diversity, spider, to a house fly, winter soon)

marcia waterway (view from the herbarium, morpho release, cold windy day in may)

We welcome contributions from others.

[Copyright for each contribution on this blog rests with the individual authors identified above]


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